Winter Walking: Oh Yes, You Can


Let’s put London walks aside for a moment. With the cold and snow finally arriving, it’s time to talk winter walking.

If you’re like me, your first reaction to walking in cold, snowy weather is, “I think it’s better to leave it for tomorrow, when the weather will improve and it’s safer to walk.”

There’s some truth to that although better weather just doesn’t seem to get here tomorrow or we’ve made other plans or something else comes up.

So, no more excuses. Here are ideas to eliminate winter walking procrastination, starting with where to winter walk. You can go by yourself, call a friend, take the dog or bring the whole family. Just go!

Walk Indoors. If you put your mind to it, I bet you can think of indoor places to walk. Like:

  • An apartment building – If you live in an apartment building or condominium tower, it’s time to get to know your hallways and stairwells better. If not, visit a friend who lives in an apartment building and walk together.
  • An office building – If you work in an office tower, you have no excuse not to walk. You should have access to at least a staircase or two. If you don’t work in a multistory building,walking-indoor-track-gym-Hero-Images-GettyImages-490636685 run an errand to an office building. I met one woman in her 70s who walks six flights of stairs six times daily. Start slowly though. Stair climbing is a workout.
  • A shopping mall – If conditions are safe to drive or bus, make your way to your favourite mall. It’s a warm, scenic place to walk. Take a few laps. Just make sure to leave your money at home so it doesn’t turn into a shopping trip.
  • A gym or fitness club – If you’re a member of a local gym or fitness club you have another option. Some gyms have indoor running tracks. If not, use a treadmill or stair climber. If you don’t have a membership, you may want to consider one for the winter months. Look into the YM/WCA or a local college or university.

Walk Outdoors. Yes, if you dress right, walking outdoors is not only possible but invigorating. A brisk winter walk will give you a sense of accomplishment and remind you what it is to be Canadian

  • Around the block – Your neighbourbood is just steps away and free to walk. Winter often brings new sights to see … snowmen and snowwomen, buried cars, snow-587448__180mountain-high snowbanks. And leaf-bare trees open up new views that just aren’t there during warmer weather.
  • Parks and trails – Some communities clear paths and trails during winter so take a look. In Southwestern Ontario, where the snow and ice melt almost as quickly as it falls, trails can be walkable year round. They may be a bit muddy or frozen, so come prepared.
  • Skating paths – Some communities clear skating paths on local ponds, streams and lakes that have frozen over. There is always room to walk along with the skaters.

You might have other ideas for where to walk during the winter. Your fellow walkers would love to hear about them. Maybe you have a favorite winter walking route or routine? Let us know.


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