Go Walking With Mom This Mother’s Day

mom-1312755_640_pixabayWant to spend some quality time with Mom this Mother’s Day? Well why not go for a walk with her. You can stroll with her on your own or with the whole family.

There is nothing better than fresh air and sunshine to brighten the day and improve one’s spirit. Hopefully the weather for this Mother’s Day will have both where you live.

Go out to a park, conservation area or orchard and enjoy the blossoms, which are in full bloom right now, across Southwestern Ontario at any rate.

May 8 also happens to be World Walking Day organized by the International Volkssport Federation (IVV) and its associated clubs worldwide. A few chapters of it’s Canadian branch have organized World Walking Day events.

Maybe stop along your walk for refreshments or to buy Mom some freshly cut flowers.

If you like to give gifts, there are all sorts of walking related items Mom might enjoy. If she’s an avid walker, something as simple as a new hat or walking clothing might fit the bill. Or, if she’s more serious about fitness, perhaps she’ll like a wearable fitness tracker, waist pack, or even new walking shoes. And what Mom wouldn’t enjoy a pedicure kit or foot massager.

Whatever you choose, both you and Mom will enjoy a short stroll together.


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