Intensify Your Walk — Fitbit Blog Video


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Feeling a bit more energetic on your walk than usual? Or a little bored? Well, add a bit of intensity and variety with a few exercises. Lara Rosenbaum, Fitbit fitness editor, shows you how. Adding a few bodyweight moves to … Continue reading

Your Body & Walking Uphill — Fitbit Video


Hiking is more than just a way to get your steps in—it torches 50% more calories than a brisk stroll around your neighborhood. Taking your strides uphill and outside packs a punch as a workout and offers surprising health benefits. … Continue reading

Winter Walking: What to Wear


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Okay, you’ve decided where to winter walk … a mall, an office building, your apartment or condo complex, outside … now it’s important to prepare. What should you wear? Whether you walk inside or outside, you have some decisions to … Continue reading