Is Just Walking Enough to Lose Weight and Get in Shape? — Hello Healthy

High-intensity interval training, kettlebells, CrossFit and other more extreme forms of exercise seem to get all the attention these days. But if you’re new to working out or are looking for something a little less intense, you may wonder: What’s wrong with a good, old-fashioned walking program? The answer: Nothing! Walking is an excellent form…

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Culture Walks


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Looking for more ways to boost your memory power? Well, if walking can help prevent memory loss as noted in the previous post, imagine what walking and learning at the same time will do. Many communities provide initiatives that combine … Continue reading

Your Body & Walking Uphill — Fitbit Video


Hiking is more than just a way to get your steps in—it torches 50% more calories than a brisk stroll around your neighborhood. Taking your strides uphill and outside packs a punch as a workout and offers surprising health benefits. … Continue reading

New law to protect, enhance Ontario trails system


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Good news for walkers: the Ontario Government passed the Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act, 2016 yesterday. This legislation announced in a news release is designed to ensure the protection and enhancement of Ontario’s trails system. According to the Province’s data, “Ontario … Continue reading

Walk Your World: Forks of the Thames River


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To paraphrase baseball legend Yogi Bera, when you come to a fork in the river, take it. And if you’re at the Forks of the Thames in London, Ontario, whichever direction you choose to walk will be a good one. … Continue reading

Start Shaping Up Now for Charity Walk Season


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Warmer, sunnier, Spring days can only mean one thing … charity walk season will soon get underway. Now is the perfect time to start getting back into shape so you can help out your favourite charities. If you’re like me, … Continue reading

Winter Walking: What to Wear


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Okay, you’ve decided where to winter walk … a mall, an office building, your apartment or condo complex, outside … now it’s important to prepare. What should you wear? Whether you walk inside or outside, you have some decisions to … Continue reading