Walk Your World!

There are two ways to explore. You can see little bits of a lot. Or, you can see a lot in little bits. That’s true whether you choose to travel the world or to simply stroll down your neighbourhood street. This blog is about exploring the world through little bits. And the best way to do that is by walking.

You see, I used to be anxious to see everything. And I’ve had the good fortune to see a lot. But I discovered the beauty and diversity of staying in one place too. Out of sheer boredom, I went for walks. And the more I walked, the more the place I walked revealed itself … the colours, the smells, the homes, the businesses, the parks, the people … their routines, their pace, their histories, their gossip.

There are plenty of other reasons to walk:
• It’s good for your health. It’s simple, natural, good exercise. The best, according to some studies.
• It can be fashionable. Wander through a landscape of colourful, stylish and ergonomic shoes, outwear and underwear.
• Keep up with technology. Wear it on your wrist, strap it to your belt or put it in your pocket. Modern tech gadgets come in all shape, sizes and colours. They help you monitor distance, time, calories burnt, heart rate, and more. Use it to take pictures, keep in touch, and order even newer technology. All while walking.
• To socialize. You can walk with a partner, join a group or simply stop and chat with people along your way.

I’ll mainly be writing about walking in London, Ontario. I’ve been living here since August 2014. In the suburbs no less. Someplace I said I would never live. Too dull, boring, mundane. Walking lesson one: never jump to conclusions.

I’ll also talk about other walking experiences in other places … past, present and future.

Why Stride Daily?
Stride conveys purpose and pace. Your purpose can be to explore, to experience or just to get somewhere. It’s whatever you want. Pace is the rate at which you walk. Fast, slow or somewhere in between. You choose.

Share Your Walking Story
I’d also like to hear about your walking experiences. Share those can’t miss walks and chance encounters. Share what you wear. And what not to wear. This blog is open for good, clean, supportive sharing.

So, are you ready to Walk Your World?


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